Friday, December 14, 2012

Rolex for every occasion

Hi everyone, today's blog is about Rolex of-course, and the proper times to wear them. So, to wear or not to wear that is the question. The Rolex datejust in stainless steel or two-tone is a perfect watch for any daily  activity or meeting. It is elegant, yet simple in look and would be great with a suit and jacket. The Rolex sport such as Submariner, Gmt Master or even Daytona would be great for that special job interview, a gold match for a client or dinner out. For a really special occasion where you are looking to impress someone, the Rolex gold president would stand out in the crowd. It`s bright gold tone and the overall look would give you that extra special look. So, there you have it. The bare essentials for impressing, making your stamp and attracting the attention. I will post another blog soon with more options on what watch to wear and will try to go into more details and try to find other types of occasions.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rolex diamonds. To add or not to add ?

Hi folks, today`s blog is going to be about the interesting question of whether to add or not to add diamond to your (of-course) original Rolex. Now, we are talking about Rolex custom made accessories. Here is the answer: if you are a purist and must have everything original on your Rolex, then you should not add custom diamonds to it. However, adding custom made diamonds not only brings up the value of your watch but it also bring it new life and your old watch looks majestic again and sparkling ! not to mention the savings you get when applying non factory parts. So, it is up to you whether to upgrade or not, but we think it is a grand idea ! There is not limit to the options you can choose from when customizing your Rolex. From red rubies to sapphires on your bezel, and on to double row of diamonds on your dial and 7 carat diamond bracelet !

The choice is yours !

Until next time..

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Should i trade-in my old Rolex

Hi, for today short blog i am focusing on the question above. Many people who want a new Rolex and don't want to fork all the cash, are considering a trade-in. When you trade in a watch you generally send your watch over for an inspection, and a price estimate. You can also send some pictures so that we can determine the value of your old Rolex. Once the inspection period is over (usually 2-3 business days) we can than let you know of the value, and you may pick your new watch ! this is a great option for folks who are getting tired of their old watch and want a change.. We always give our clients a fair value price so its a win win situation.

Until next time !

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why service your Rolex?

Hi everyone, many folks have asked me, as a watch guy with over 10 years of experience with Rolex, how often should they service/clean their watch. The text book answer to it is: every 3 years. However, i do recommend having your Rolex serviced  more often than that. Send your watch in once a year. That way parts will remain well oiled, the movement will stay clean and so forth. So, Rolex service once a year would prolong the life of your watch and keep your investment safe ! We usually do it fairly simple: we email the client a FedEx label, that way they can just pack the watch and use the label to ship the watch all insured and safe.
Head over to our service page to learn more about Rolex service we offer. You might want just a nice polish to get that new watch feel again, or perhaps to switch a dial or bezel. Sending your Rolex over does not mean you need to do a full overhaul. Thanks for reading, until next time !

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rolex sport models, more popular than ever !

I remember a time when ladies, small case watches were a hit. People would buy them every day like hot cakes. Ladies models in two tone and stainless steel with diamonds on the dial or the bezel.
These days, however, Rolex sport models are on the rise ! The Submariner, Gmt Master and Daytona are more popular than ever with increasing sales. Men and women prefer big watches, this is the trend. It is all go big or go home, and people want other people to notice them in the street, bar or even at work. Some folks like diamonds on them, majority of them do not. It all depends on the person. On the GMT Master seldom we will see diamonds, while on the Submariner or the Yacht Master they are more common. We see either after market diamonds or original as people generally speaking, do not care.

Thats it for my watch rant for today folks, but i will keep updating this blog every day with Rolex or other watch related topics that hopefully you all will find interesting !

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unique Rolex Bezel Options

Unique Rolex Bezel Options

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about custom Rolex components crafted by artisan jewelers, and a lot of that buzz is about custom Rolex bezels. Discriminating men and women commission jewelers to create custom bezels to increase the value of their Rolex watches; to display their senses of style and individuality, and to make bold fashion statements.
The most visible feature of a Rolex is the dial. However, the component that inspires the eye to linger on this legendary timepiece is undoubtedly the bezel. A Rolex bezel’s primary function is a practical one: securing the crystal in place and protecting it from damage by accidental contact. The bezel’s second function is ornamental. However, according to passionate Rolex owners, the bezel is essential: it allows them to personalize their Rolexes in ways that are as unique as the owners themselves.
If you’ve been thinking about having your Rolex bezel customized, you’ve likely conducted some research online to see what other Rolex owners have done with the bezels on their watches. It makes sense to do research, as you can get ideas and weigh your options. You can also view the workmanship and attention to detail required to craft a customized bezel for the world’s most respected and admired watch brand.
Bezel Materials
Let’s begin exploring your bezel options by considering the composition of the bezel. The bezel material will secure any gemstones that you have chosen, enhance their appearance, and add beauty and value to your Rolex.
The most popular choices are 18-karat white and yellow gold. Aesthetically, gold is hard to beat; its natural warmth and luster have been treasured for centuries. Gold grows in value over time and flatters any precious or semi-precious gems that the owner has chosen for jewelry. As a matter of practicality, gold is a logical choice; its malleability allows it to be fashioned into an infinite variety of shapes. Its ability to hold gems in place has also been proven over and over again.
Next in popularity is platinum, which also has quite a few desirable properties for watch bezels. Platinum is very resistant to wear, corrosion, and tarnishing; has a unique luster, and is also very reliable for securing gems in place. Platinum has long been associated with exclusivity and wealth, and people who choose platinum Rolex bezels tend to be fiercely independent individuals who ignore the fashion trends that wax and wane.
A relative newcomer to the custom Rolex bezel scene (but one that is slowly growing in popularity) is ceramic. Ceramic isn’t ideal for those who want to set gems in their Rolex bezel, as it cannot reliably secure them. However, when buffed to a high gloss and engraved, ceramic can be inlaid with gold or another precious metal. This creates a unique and clean look with scratch-proof durability.
Bezel Gems
Your options for types and combinations of gems are limitless. As in most high-end luxury jewelry, diamonds reign supreme among Rolex owners. Many prefer a bezel adorned with diamonds all the way around. Others choose diamond accents at the three, six, nine, and twelve o’clock positions set alongside colored gemstones for contrast.
Following diamonds in popularity are rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Each gem type has its own natural beauty and allure. Gem cut options are endless, too; however, most Rolex customers prefer traditional cuts, including brilliant, emerald, baguette, and square cuts.
Reputable Bezel Jewelers
Now that you’ve conducted research on your custom Rolex bezel, you’ll need to find a jeweler who has the skills to craft and install one for you. Customizing Rolex bezels and other components is a hot trade right now, with no end in sight. Many jewelers are catering to exclusive clientele by specializing in this field. However, it will be very important that you exercise the same care when choosing your jeweler that you employed when choosing the material and gems for your bezel.
Look for a jeweler with a long and proven history in crafting custom Rolex bezels and other components, as well as certified memberships in professional jeweler organizations. More importantly, look for a jeweler who listens intently to what you want in a custom bezel, who answers any questions you may have, and who can show you a variety of finished bezels so that you may examine the quality of his or her work.
Take your time, weigh your options, and remember that customizing the bezel on your Rolex is as much fun as wearing the finished product

Rolex Dials

Rolex watch is a symbol of status and beauty. If your Rolex watch is older and the face (dial) does not look presentable any longer, it is time to switch to a new, state of the art diamond dial.  Diamond dials can come in many different colors and shades based on your preferences. For example: a pink mother of pearl diamond dial would looks stunning on a ladies stainless steel and gold watch, and a black color diamond dial will look great on a mens size date-just watch. There are plentiful options for the client to play around with when it comes to Rolex dials, and he or she can switch to a different look every week ! We, at offer a great variety of dials to choose from and will switch the dial on your watch for free.